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What does it say about the quality of national debate, about relationships, that we would rather imagine Gillard as confused or a secret homophobe than acknowledge that she might have something critical to say about marriage as an institution?The truth is that Gillard champions equal love and defends a traditional definition of marriage - simply not in the way we are used to.

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As a result it is impossible to take a public stance against same-sex-marriage without being assumed to be fundamentally sceptical of the validity, stability and seriousness of gay relationships.We might disagree personally or ideologically, but to wilfully ignore any alternative to existing political encampments is to impoverish our national debate.Far from being 'stumped' by the debate, Gillard has repeatedly attempted to shift the very terms of it: she takes for granted the fact that love is equal and diversity is valuable and then asks if marriage, with all its historical and symbolic baggage, is really the best symbol we have for celebrating equality and relational diversity.As a woman and feminist in a long term non-marriage partnership she has taken a strong public stance against the idea that the legitimacy of a union rests on the ability to put a ring on it.It may not be a popular or common position, but it a position, and one that deserves to be represented as such.Bright in the fictional narrative podcast The Bright Sessions (ranked one of the best podcasts of 2016 by i Tunes, the title role in East West Players' production of Masha No Home; TV's Lewis Black's The Root of All Evil; and the webseries Frontier Guard.Julia has also written, produced and starred in her own original projects Jesus Cat (or How I Accidentally Joined a Cult (feature film), Twenty-Two (stage play) and Sin & Lyle (short film).The fact that she apparently doesn't want to is immaterial.Denying rights by saying 'those rights aren't really that important' is neither politically interesting nor shifting the terms of the debate.Gillard's prime ministership was characterised by a marked refusal within the mainstream media to report on policy positions and achievements, favouring instead highly gendered assessments of the supposed instability of her leadership, her relationship with Tim Mathieson and her style of clothing and deportment.By and large the reporting of last night has been no exception, focusing on the cumulative six minutes she spent responding to questions about her political skirmishes with Kevin Rudd.

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