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In 1918, there was a horrific train wreck involving a circus train.A conductor on another train apparently fell asleep causing his train to plow into the circus train killing somewhere between 60 and 110 circus employees and some of the circus animals.The hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places and is also considered to be one of the most haunted places in Illinois.Colonel Baker built the hotel on the site of an old mill and it was constructedwith a working hydroelectric facility, a radio station, a rose garden and a parking garage since the Colonel had a dream of creating a luxurious hotel where guests could escape for some serious relaxation.

It is also said to be one of the most haunted places in Illinois.His home was destroyed by fire which ended his family’s claim to the property meaning that it reverted to being park district property. Three people were strangled and left lying naked in a ditch on the property. Around the same time visitors to the area began to report various strange occurrences including weird lights, sounds and smells.Reports were made from runners, kids playing out in the woods and even police who had been called in to investigate.It has a long history with the paranormal and is said to be home to a classic poltergeist style haunting.For almost as long as thehotel has been open, guests and staff alike have reported strange noises coming from the hotel ballroom when it is empty.Illinois is one state that has more than its fair share of paranormal activity and creepy attractions to visit!Whether you are looking for a portal to Hell, a ghostly gangster or just some playful poltergeist fun Illinois certainly seems to have it all!The hand is all that he has been able to free from his final resting place and he is doomed to wave for all eternity in an attempt to get some help.Another commonly spotted ghost is one known as Peg Leg Johnny.One of the scariest of the bridges is the one know as Acid Bridge.The legend is that some teenagers were high on Acid when they lost control of their car and flipped over the edge of the bridge into the shallow creek below where they all died instantly.

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