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Their dating story was completely fabricated by the tabloid. It’s what we’ve all wanted to know since Leonardo Di Caprio, the ultimate dreamboat of his generation, came of age. And Page Six thinks that fact, coupled with all the Greenwich golfing and stuff, makes her the perfect candidate to be Mrs. Or, y’know, his perfect companion for right now, anyway. Gossip Cop learned that the Titanic stars were not alone at the restaurant as they were sharing a meal with the winner of a charity auction that raised money for Di Caprio's conservation foundation.Winslet and Di Caprio have been really close friends since Titanic movie.He’s famously shown little interest in settling down over the years, dating a long string of leggy models, who’ve all stayed about the same age as he’s gotten older. ) But his latest girlfriend, 25-year-old model Kelly Rohrbach, is maybe the one who can finally lock him down. In a long (for them) and thoroughly bizarre article, Page Six makes its case for Rohrbach in the most off-putting of ways. Let’s take a look at some of their reasons why Rohrbach is the perfect girl for Leo: By my count that’s two “hang with the guys” and one “hangs with the boys.” The point being that Kelly Rohrbach is the perfect woman: a beautiful swimsuit model who also is a “cool chick,” meaning she likes french fries (but stays “healthy”—meaning skinny! ) and doesn’t act all, y’know, when in the company of men. And in case you’re doubting Rohrbach’s french-fry-eating bonafides, here’s a video of her, from her own Instagram page, eating french fries (and drinking a beer! (I do hope he was wearing a baseball cap and not a newsboy cap, because you know how I feel about the latter.) Before the day wrapped, Leo and Lorena reportedly spent some time at Mo MA PS1, because seeing contemporary art inside a former public school building is the most romantic way to spend a Monday.(No really, it's a beautiful building.) As Page Six notes, Lorena has been spotted with Leo before.

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Also read: Watch: Kate Winslet locks lips with THIS Mom star during Hollywood Film Awards birthday on Friday, November 10.Of course, that doesn't neccessarily mean that romance is on the cards, and given Leo's habit of keeping his personal life under wraps, we'll probably never know the true story.Since August, the actor has allegedly been seen with a string of different models including Lorena Rae, 23, Toni Garrn, 25, Alina Baikova, 27, and Candice Blackburn, 20.Since May, Di Caprio and the 24-year-old Sports Illustrated cover girl, who previously dated Adam Levine, have already had some globe-trotting adventures.The new duo vacationed in Montauk, New York, in June, and jetted to the private island of Over Yonder Cay in the Bahamas that same month. when the two were spotted partying together at Coachella’s Neon Carnival.After spending a few hours in the restaurant, both the actors left in the same car as they were escorted out by security.The report also briefed that the Oscar-winning actors "sat side by side in the back of a sleek SUV." To make the report more assertive, the tabloid mentioned another recent report by Star magazine which stated that the pair still has 'feelings for each other' ever since they acted in James Cameron's 1997 hit Titanic movie."Titanic" stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio pose at Paramount Pictures' post-Golden Globe Awards party Jan. "Titanic" won in the best motion picture, drama, and best director categories.The awards, sponsored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, honors excellence in film and television.Just last week, Lorena, 23, joined the Oscar winner for a Citi Bike ride (Leo’s fave) in NYC.In July, Lorena hung out with Leo, his BFF Tobey Maguire, and their friends on a yacht in St. And in May, Lorena joined Leo and his group in Monaco, around the same time as the annual amf AR Gala in Cannes.

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