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The first exception is that you can always attach external antennas to boost your signal.

The second exception is that you can mess with the antenna power and crank it up and down as necessary. As for your other question, there's a few reasons to buy the more expensive AP. How often have you had to reboot or replace cheap Linksys APs?

How about having the APs automatically adjust their own gain to adapt to current usage and environment?

Another reason to spend the money is ease of management.

I've borrowed a Cisco LAP1142N AP from a friend that works in another sister organization, they have these and had an extra.

I've plugged it in and it talks to their controller just fine, etc.

Also, those APs have some nice SNMP features for monitoring, reporting, and extra management with enterprise tools.

The final reason to spend the money on the enterprise APs is for features. Do you want clients to be able to roam across APs while staying on the same VLAN?

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