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Attorneys familiar with the issue said they believe there's an easy legislative fix, though they differed over just what that fix would look like. "If there's some kind of a loophole that exists, then we ought to take a look at it," said state Sen.Simple fix or not, getting gun legislation through the General Assembly may prove difficult, according to Amily Mc Cool, legal and policy director for the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Warren Daniel, R-Burke, co-chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.There are five standing General Assembly committees that focus on the judiciary, and between them, there are nine committee chairs or co-chairs. Mc Cool and Lueken Barwick both said they don't know of any group that has asked the General Assembly to address the issue.WRAL News reached out to all of their offices recently and heard back from only two. Mc Cool said her organization has not yet pushed the issue because the fix would be broader than domestic violence, tweaking the state definition for all assaults.

So did Amber Lueken Barwick, who does domestic violence law training for state prosecutors through the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys.Just how much it affected things is unclear, partly because domestic cases are not always so simple as a single charge of assault of a female.This charge is the most common one filed in domestic violence cases, though, Lueken Barwick said. State law also bars people convicted of misdemeanor assault on a female from getting a concealed carry permit, a ban separate from the federal law and unchanged by the Vinson case."Accordingly, if North Carolina law permits an assault conviction based on negligent or reckless conduct, then none of the different assault formulations categorically qualify as (a federal misdemeanor crime of domestic violence)," the panel said in a unanimous decision.Vinson's gun charge was dismissed, and new precedent was set.— North Carolina may be the only state in the nation where a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction doesn't trigger a lifetime federal ban on owning a gun.The reason: A local case that went before the 4th U. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2015, brought by a man now sitting in prison for sex crimes.But judges don't always make that a condition of a protection order, and women seeking restraining orders don't always know to ask for it, Lueken Barwick said. A half dozen sheriff's offices around the state were hard pressed to provide numbers on how many pistol permits they deny simply due to domestic assault on a female charges, or how many they haven't denied, but would have, but for the Vinson case. "I don't think it's a vast number, but there obviously are a few that come through," said Capt.Kelly Endo, of the Guilford County Sheriff's Office. Brewer, of the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office. Vinson for the University of North Carolina's School of Government.A local elementary school was briefly put on lockdown, and when authorities searched the Vinson home, they found a gun.Vinson had been convicted nine years earlier of assault on a female, a misdemeanor domestic violence offense for which he was sentenced to probation.

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