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Wheatgrass juice tones the colon and is absorbed into the blood, adding oxygen and energy to the body.

Use pure water for an initial enema rinse of the colon.

Then move onto your right side for 5 minutes, in order to reach each part of the colon. Sticky grey-brown mucous, small dark crusty chunks or tough ribbony pieces are usually loosened and expelled during an enema.

These poisonous looking things are obstacles and toxins interfering with normal body functions. You may have to take several enemas until there is no more evidence of these substances.

As the water flows out of the colon the practitioner gently massages the abdomen to help the colon release its contents, recover its natural shape and normalise peristaltic wave action.

Many of the devastating plagues and diseases that literally wiped out entire cities and communities arose from open sewers and improper waste disposal.

If the sewer ever backs up, dangerous health problems occur!

Benefits are a matter of degree but they’re dramatically different, both in terms of waste removed and body improvement. If you want to cleanse all of it you need a colonic irrigation. A colonic irrigation uses special equipment and gravity (or oxygen for more control) to give your colon an internal bath.

To take a colonic, you lie on a special colema-board which is about three feet below the temperature-controlled water flow.

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