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You may also want to monitor Louisville RACES on the W4PJZ 147.030 repeater as well as the KB4YJ 442.725 repeater.

Except in a life or death emergency, DO NOT check-in to a RACES net unless you are a member.

For help in compiling this list, special thanks to Charles V. Jim Boyd KM4KGN, Matthew Buker KI4SSW, Tim Chapman K9BAW, Brian Clark W4SOU, Bill Cotter N4LG, Mike Craycroft KE4KOP, Chris Demarsh KI4RDG, Ron Dodson KA4MAP, Phillip Garrett, John Hager N4KJU, Roy Herman W8QAS, John Hesse K4JWH, Larry D.

Jaggers WA4FOB, Doug Lamb K4EK, Larry Loney N4MRM, David Mc Kim KB9JLF, David Massey, Dave Nugent KD9LX, Brandon Nuttall KG4RRI, Tim Osborne K4TDO, Roy Pickett KC9LKW, Ernie Pridemore Jr.

Also, do not check in to relay weather information from local broadcast stations.

Report weather conditions only of which you are trained and knowledgeable to report.

The NABF holds over 50 regional championship and eight national championship tournaments at various skill levels and age groups, ranging from 10 and under youth, teen, summer collegiate, senior, and major.

Use this page to find an Amateur Radio repeater near you in the Louisville, Kentucky, area.

In a questionable situation, pull back and report your situation to the Net Control Station.On a DIRECTED net, only transmit at the direction of the Net Control Station!If asked to do so, check in with the Net Control Station and notify him/her of your availability to assist, your location, and any equipment you have available (if needed). Remember that ONLY trained, registered ARES/RACES members may deploy as part of an ARES/RACES operation.These are commonly used simplex frequencies for the Louisville, KY area.Simplex operation is direct radio-to-radio communication in which you transmit and receive on the same frequency.The difference between the frequency on which you transmit and listen is called the This list changes as repeaters come and go.Please send additions and/or corrections to Some information may be unconfirmed by owner.If you spot any errors in the schedule, omissions or inactive nets you can let us know about it by using the contact page.See the link at the bottom to download this list as a spreadsheet which can be used to create CSV files for importing into most popular radio and scanner programming software. This list contains only known active repeaters unless noted.On the 2 meter ham band, the standard offset is /- 0.600MHz (600KHz).Generally, a 2m repeater with output frequency below 147.000MHz will have a negative offset while repeaters with output frequency above 147.000MHz will have a positive offset.

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