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In 1925-1926, Ludwig & Ludwig introduced a revolutionary snare mechanism called the Super-Ludwig.

Shells from the early part of the 70’s have clear interiors.There was however a second generation circled sliding clip mount used in the 70’s.These clip mounts were featured as early as ’68, but became more evident in the 1970’s.In 1979, Ludwig introduced modular bracket and the redesigned blue/olive badge with all four corners rounded. Here are the three different bass drum mounts used throughout the 70’s- in order from earliest to newest. If I'm correct, the kit included the Black & White badged Maple piccolo snare & a set of bells.The local Catholic school that I work with from time to time has 2 of these "sets". About 6 or 7 years ago there was a maple finish 3x13 piccolo model with the black and white badge available at Guitar Centers. It seems like a pretty decent snare drum, although I'm pretty sure they were imported rather than made in Monroe. Much better than those off brand steel or "brass" piccolos that GC and Sam Ash periodically have for or .Retracting, 5/16”, arched curved spurs were introduced in the 1970 catalog, however, existing as early as 1968.By around 1977, a thicker, 1/2”, curved spur was introduced for more support.Secondly, does anyone have any or know where I can get some 13" 8 lug wood hoops for it?Thanks It could be part of the Ludwig package that a lot of schools have for beginning percussion students.

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