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'It was my job to ensure she took full responsibility for this child.

All I can hope is that David's future will be a priority in divorce proceedings. Malawi's Chief Social Welfare Officer Simon Chisale, who compiled glowing assessment reports to support Madonna's case, describing her as a 'perfect mum', said: 'I think we reported fairly.

But now when I think of David in danger of living outside a family life I find it unbearable, I find it hard to believe God intended this.

'This woman Madonna told me herself that David was beautiful and made her happy and she promised to take good care of him.

Yohane remembered: 'All I wanted was for David to have a better life.' He does not intend to intervene in Madonna's marriage crisis but wants to know more about his son's future.

A long way from London: David Banda's former home in Malawi At the time of the adoption, critics accused Madonna of using her fame to circumvent Malawi's law.

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At the moment, there isn’t much content on it, but Jason (the guy running the blog) promises that he will be updating it daily…

After a week filled with competing egos and creative differences, the broadcast on Thursday evening was truly a success!

The real father of Madonna's adopted son David feels bitterly disappointed that she is getting a divorce - and yesterday he declared: 'I am still a poor farmer with nothing to offer, but maybe he would be better off back with us.' Yohane Banda has remarried and now has a happy new family living in his thatched hut in Malawi.

No one can really know what goes on between two people even when they seem close.

No one expected this to happen.' Justin Dzonzi, the lawyer who tried to prevent the adoption on behalf of 67 children's rights groups, said: 'The ideal in adoption cases is for lost parents to be replaced by a set of new parents.

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