Most intimidating goalie masks

Dominik Hasek When he started playing for NHL everyone was surprised by his lack of style, he actually had no style at all! Unlike any goaltender before or after him, Hasek never had or ever needed a playing style.But then they realised that he was the best of all! The czech team in 98 didn't even bother coming close to winning gold, but he was the best PLAYER in the world in the late 90's, when he almost wrote a very similar story in the 99 playoffs with Buffalo. Martin Brodeur Most wins, most shutouts, best goalie to ever play the game.I'm surprised he did not make the top 5 Wayne gretzky quated "he is the best golie I haver saw" and yes he did say that Pekka Rinne Pekka Rinne is a Finnish professional hockey goaltender currently playing for the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League. Good winning precent because he is good Let's be real fam. Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford, shown during a Stanley Cup Playoffs semifinal game May 3, 2015, at the United Center in Chicago, wears a mask designed for him by Canadian artist Stephane Bergeron.He led the comeback series win against the Capitals when the Rangers were down 3-1.

Ken Dryden an amazing goalie that decided to stop hockey because he said that NHL wasnt tough enough for his level of player so he decided to finish his law degree! He won three Vezina trophies, the Calder trophy and the Conn Smythe trophy in the 1968 playoffs. He also made seven first all star teams and four second teams.

His three gold medals and one silver spanning 12 years of near total dominance are unprecedented. If the Soviet Union let him play in the NHL, there is no doubt in my mind that he would be Number 1.

In that time Tretiak won every game played against NHL teams including all star competitions. You can't discredit him for playing on a rival "team," you have to give credit where credit is do.

But I say the lose many games because of the New York Rangers defense man, and that they traded away Marian Gaborik.

I think he is playing great in the 2013-2014 playoffs but when I said this the kings led in the finals 2-0 yet his team aren't the best but he is amazing Easy the greatest goaltender of all time.

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