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From the time he was 13, Ben has enjoyed exposing himself to women, getting off not on the risk of being caught but by the surprise of the women he encounters.He describes his jury-rigged outfit, which consists of a raincoat, and the cut-off legs of pants tied with garters around his thighs to give the illusion that he is wearing pants underneath.“It allows would-be trenchcoat-wearing subway flashers to get the same titillation without the danger of getting caught.”Why exposing one’s self to strangers online would be titillating, however, is something most people can’t imagine.According to Lieberman, there are many things that might excite an exhibitionist.Chatroulette, which launched only a few months ago, has already become a phenomenon, thanks in part to its ludicrously simple layout.Webcam users are connected to complete strangers, and if they’re bored with whomever they’re talking to, they can click “Next” and be connected to another randomly selected stranger.

“Chatroulette is technology's answer to an exhibitionist's prayers,” says Carole Lieberman, psychiatrist and author of Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them.“However, in real life, it will still be more intimidating because there is always the real-life danger of the exhibitionist pursuing you.”All Things Digital recently caught up with Andrey Ternovskiy, Chatroulette’s 17-year-old computer-whiz creator, while he was standing in line to buy an i Pad.He said he was working on “changes to the ‘reporting people’ function designed to cut down on the male genitalia.”If Ternovskiy does indeed manage to clean up Chatroulette, he’ll either transform an already intriguing site into a full-fledged social-networking hub with the potential to explode like Facebook and Twitter—or decimate his userbase.Some men, she says, “have fears of inadequacy and are trying to prove that they are 'big' men by getting 'big' reactions from others.” The Daily Beast spoke briefly to one Chatroulette flasher for whom that appears to be the case.When asked why he was showing us his genitalia, he typed out: “i want people 2 see me an i want 2 see ppl.”This particular man, a 23-year-old construction worker from Oregon named Joe, also confirmed that he is not a flasher anywhere other than on Chatroulette, which seems to imply that Chatroulette is turning normal, everyday men into guys who expose themselves to strangers—or, at least, it’s bringing out that until-now repressed desire in them.“They can be very bright and successful and you’d never know that they have this addiction,” says Dr. She says these Chatroulette flashers aren’t the seedy characters we usually imagine, and that most flashings are just the result of social awkwardness combining with sexual compulsion.Chatroulette has given rise to an impressive array of hilarious and poignant viral sensations, from improvised concerts by Ben Folds, to a foul-mouthed 8-year-old, to Jon Stewart’s antics.Which is pretty remarkable considering the website seems to be largely comprised of naked men.But it’s not just psychological—Lieberman says there’s a cultural aspect to online flashing as well.“There is a kind of exhibitionist mentality that is invading our culture, from Chatroulette to reality TV,” she says.“Though not all of the participants are physically naked, they are ‘exposing’ themselves to grab attention and their 15 minutes of fame.”Whether they’re looking for attention or a genuine connection, there’s one thing the flashers of Chatroulette are definitely not looking for—conversation.In fact, over the course of three days—days punctuated with bored-looking young men and women, a few friendly folks eager to connect, an octogenarian man wearing cat ears, several copulating couples, women baring their cleavage, and, yes, many, many penises—only Joe from Oregon was willing to stop what he was doing long enough to tap out his one-handed answer to a reporter’s questions.

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