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After a Swedish woman was scammed by a Nigerian college student, they ended up striking up a friendship and she offered to pay for the rest of his school so he could give up scamming.

The two now reportedly call each other on the phone once a week to chat about college life and work.

Across the country, the average educator spends 0 of her or his own money annually on supplies and other items - from apps to enhance their students’ experiences to food and clothes to meet their basic needs, according to Scholastic, the publishing, education and media company.

Teachers in high-needs districts tend to spend 40 percent more than their peers.

(But wouldn’t he just spend the money on himself and disappear?

) To Taylor’s astonishment, the villager kept his promise.

He loaded up a taxi filled with newly-purchased school supplies and distributed them among all the local schools—naturally, shooting plenty of pictures to show the kids’ excited reactions.

Please pass along the scoop about what’s going on at your Philadelphia public school; Kristen welcomes tips, story ideas and witty banter at [email protected] 215-854-5146. Teachers have long dipped into their own pockets to fund their classrooms.The 33-year-old also says that he still can’t believe his You Tube career has turned into such a life-changing experience. You Tube is just a fun side hobby.” “[But] the response has been crazy,” he added.RELATED: How a Lost Purse Got a Heroin Addict on the Path to Recovery “I’m just a regular guy! “People have reached out to me asking how they can help.” This is not the only incident where a possible internet scam has had a happy ending, either.MORE: Woman Meets Her Internet Scammer, Helps Him Give Up Crime, and Pays for His College So he responded to Joel saying he ran a business that paid people to take photographs of where they lived.If Joel complied, Taylor could hire him as a kind of freelance photographer.Taylor then created a photo book of Joel’s pictures called “By D Grace of God” – appropriately named after a line from one of Joel’s emails – and he then started an Indiegogo page asking for donations to help Joel’s family. True to their original bargain, Taylor split the profits with Joel 50/50.The You Tuber wanted to give his half to charity, so he asked the Liberian whether there were any charities that could benefit his home country.To his surprise, Joel sent Taylor a few photos of his home in Monrovia, Liberia.Though they were blurry and badly-lit, the You Tuber was impressed that the guy even put in any effort at all.33-year-old Taylor was about to delete the online plea as spam – but something kept him from writing off the inquiry.He figured that if he continued correspondence with Joel, it would at least use up some of the man’s time keeping him occupied, rather than scamming those who would be more gullible.

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