Online dating is fun cartoons

We got together that night(i broke up with my other boyfriend that morning, but it wasn't a serious relationship). We were in love from first sight, and that was that.

It's been three years since then, and we are still so giddy in love and so passionate and caring for each other that I really, really, really believe we are going to be together till the day we lie side by side in our casket.

This can be found at the bottom of You Tube pages next to the language and content location buttons.

The company also suggests turning off the search feature in the app.

Online dating has exploded in recent years, with everybody from busy stockbrokers to soldiers overseas using sites like and e Harmony to find their soul mates.

Check out some funny cartoon about this brave new world of internet romance in our new Online Dating cartoon slideshow.

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I would say, in the future, to just keep a rein on your own hopes, rather than worry too much about what he and she thinks - if the other person is pleasant looking and nice, that's a good beginning.

And if there's more, you'll both know pretty soon after meeting.

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