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Early success: De Niro films a scene in New York for The Godfather Part II.The role of Vito Corleone, the Godfather's father, was to prove a breakthrough and establish him, aged 29, as one of acting's biggest talents Marriage: De Niro was married to Diahnne Abbott from 1976 until 1988 but throughout the marriage he was involved with other women - as well as partying with Martin Scorsese and John Belushi in California Backing singer: Helena Springs performed in support of a series of big names, including Elton John, but De Niro met her when he pursed her car down a boulevard in Los Angeles and asked for her phone number.Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

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The defiant police chief was suspended from Thames Valley Police where he was commander for the Milton Keynes area after the allegations came to light.Bisexual, he separated from De Niro's mother but was close to his son At work: Robert De Niro Sr.with the German-born American abstract expressionist artist Josef Albers who was greatly influential with his study of color theory and his teachings from the Bauhaus, the notable school of art, architecture and design in Weimar, Germany.Tragically, his method acting was what John Belushi was inspired by when he took a fatal drug overdose The first pregnancy, she aborted without telling the actor. ’De Niro sought his own sources of praise and attention, making friends with film director Martin Scorsese to work on the film 'Mean Streets', in the early 1970s after seeing him around his New York neighborhood for years.In late 1981, pregnant again, she now wanted this baby and when she told De Niro, that set him off 'on what she described as a series of ugly and intimidating conversations and encounters aimed at getting her to terminate the pregnancy'.'He drew the line at providing her with his medical history or a blood sample, fearing that she didn't merely want to be able to fill in the gaps in the baby's medical records, as she said, but rather that she was after more money,' writes Levy. When Cybill Shepard came to New York to prepare for acting in Taxi Driver, De Niro agreed to work with her for several days at the St. ‘There was an enormous amount of chemistry between De Niro and me’, Cybill stated. Family: De Niro's father, Robert snr, was an abstract expressionist painter who counted Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko among his friends.In Los Angeles, the meeting ground was Belushi was ensconced in a bungalow for the ultimate wild partying privacy and De Niro in a suite in the hotel’s main building where he carried on his own partying with several women, alcohol and cocaine.De Niro telephoned Belushi on the night of March 4th, 1982, to join him and actor pal Harry Dean Stanton at On the Rox, an infamous nightclub on the Sunset Strip where the best musicians drifted through and played in the company of boozing movie stars and celebrities.He had suffered a fatal overdose when injecting a 'speedball' of heroin and cocaine.De Niro had been with him the previous evening and cried when he was told of the death Method acting: In his meticulous preparation for the film Taxi Driver filmed in 1976, De Niro got his New York City hack license and spent weekends driving a cab. Years later I said, ‘Can you believe I turned him down?They met for dinner, spent the night together and began a non-exclusive affair Defining role: 1976 saw De Niro play Travis Bickle, the Vietnam veteran turned taxi driver.But behind the scenes of the film he tried to seduce Cybill Shepard, then turned on her when she rebuffed him, while treating Jodie Foster, the 13-year-old he saw as a great acting talent, like 'a queen'It discloses the torrid relationship which led to De Niro becoming a father for the third time with Helena Springs, a young singer whom he met by following her in his car down a boulevard in Los Angeles and demanding her phone number.

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