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It took two hours and a half for it to burn completely.

In the twenty-first century, the number of funeral cremations has increased markedly compared to a few centuries ago. None of these studies, however, have included cremations of modern bone on outdoor fires.

For more than forty thousand years, human bodies have been cremated, leaving calcined bone fragments behind.

The oldest extant, presently known cremated remains of a human are those of the Mungo Lady in Australia, which have recently been re-dated to roughly forty thousand years BP by optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating (Bowler et al. Across Europe, cremation dominates in several regions during the Bronze Age and Roman period (Mc Kinley 1997; Wahl 2008).

Once the pyres were lit, the animal bone pieces were placed on the difference fires and left there until full calcination, until it started to rain (a hazard of outdoor experiments in Britain! The fires were maintained until no more wood was available.

During burning, the flesh and skin became black before disappearing completely.

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