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Should be step outside of our comfort zone and date men of other races?Or is it not as realistic for African American women as she may make it out to be?

She explained her reasoning to VIBE: Of all groups of people, Black women are the least likely group of women that will date outside of their race. And 9 chances out of 10, that man didn’t even give a f*** He couldn’t even tell that you had a pimple that day or that your hair wasn’t done. And the men that do that are really paying attention that hard to your ass or t******or exterior stuff, that’s probably not the best person for you anyway.Paula recently posed semi nude for GQ Magazine where she discussed the physical strains regarding her new role.But when Essence asked Thicke about what he considered his wife’s sexiest quality, he surprisingly responded;“It’s her intelligence and her strength.To start that rumor is as bad as starting any other negative rumor.”He then continues with a slight laugh;“There are great Black men out there. Be sure to check out Robin Thicke’s full interview on for more juicy highlights.There are only a few good White men — trust me.”Thicke also switched his focus by claiming some black woman may need to humble themselves if they wish to find quality black men.“Good luck finding a good White man who understands your journey. I’ve got 20 Black male friends, who are all good men who take good care of their wives, and good care of their children. Maybe the women have to take better care of their men. But all the other friends of mine, it’s either they vocally say that they won’t or every time an opportunity comes up for them to date outside of their race, there’s some excuse why it’s not going to work. They never really say it’s because he’s White, or because he’s Spanish or something like that. I think in New York, you find more Black women that date outside of their race. Thicke also stated that he’s broken relationship with his mother and Paula’s with her father allows them to lean on each other (and their adorable son Julian Fuego who was born this past April) for love and support.Paula, who is currently promoting her biggest role to date starring alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol, is not only known for her skills as an actress but her slamming body as well.It’ll be more like, ‘Well, you know he works at such and such, and our schedules don’t match.’ But we’ll know really what it is.It’s ’cause he’s White.” Is Regina King on to something?

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