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A few years ago, he made an investment in laser hair removal and hasn’t looked back. But in follow-up interviews, a number of respondents reported that they have been asked to groom after their partners got tired of getting hair stuck in their teeth during oral sex.“My first girlfriend didn’t want to go down on me with hair there, and I thought that was completely reasonable,” said Reece H.For most people, pubic hair grooming is just a fact of life, whether it’s a quick trim or a neatly manicured landing strip.

It seems unhygienic.” Doctors and medical experts, however, say that pubic hair grooming does not promote cleanliness — in fact, it’s more hygienic to refrain from shaving.

Pubic hair protects sensitive skin and traps bacteria before they enter the vagina, so when it’s removed, vaginal irritation can be more common.

There is also a wide range of grooming-related injuries to worry about — everything from lacerations to infections to allergic reactions.

“I think for both men and women, it’s nice to not get scratched up by all that hair.”Reece’s relaxed reaction to his girlfriend’s request wasn’t shared by all respondents though.

While some women, like Angela C., said they don’t mind fulfilling a partner’s grooming requests — “If they’re turned on by something like a landing strip or a pattern, I’m happy to try it out” — others said they think men don’t understand how personal grooming can be for women or how painful it can be to shave.

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