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Fri Aug 18, 2017 pm #1553501 I would appreciate any help please. I have recently retired from work and now wish to get back into some serious time consuming aviation which I have missed. Would someone mind helping me untangle a question I have on licensing? I've been well up to date with recency, hours requirements and instruction time, but didn't get my instruction time signed off by an examiner in time to revalidate. Wed Sep 14, 2016 pm #1484545 Hello all, Been away from the forum for many many years after joining in 2003 and having been an avid contributor..(and my old password still worked!)I last flew P1 some 9 years ago, and am about to get back in ...Learned aviators, I am hoping that someone in the know can help answer my question regarding PPL renewal.The situation I'm in: JAA PPL(A) which expired May 2013 SEP(L) which expired Mar 2012 In the last month I have got a new medical and flown a proficiency check with an examiner....

An IR revalidation can be completed in an FNTP II simulator every other year, however you are unable to revalidate your class rating in the simulator.An IR shall be revalidated within the three months immediately preceding the expiry date of the rating.The IR revalidation can be completed at the same time as a class rating – this basically means you can revalidate your multi-engine rating along side your instrument rating."Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed my two days with you; the presenters were all knowledgeable and engaging, and I came away with lots of information and ideas of better ways to do things...." "Very useful for me as I have been out of instructing for a few years...." "I came with trepidation of wasting 2 days! The lectures were great and meeting everybody was a pleasure.This can be a significantly cheaper option that completing it in the aircraft.We have compiled a price comparison list for some of the companies that offer IR renewal and revalidation.I have a few questions; I finished my CPL in August 2010 under JAA, this expired in September.I finished my MEP IR in the summer of 2011, which expired in 2012 and my SEP has also lapsed (I think in 2012 also) I ha...​ We’ve explained the difference between renewing and revalidating the IR, and suggested some places which can provide such a service.The offer of a job can come round quickly and unexpectedly and as you are required to have a current IR in order to commence a type rating, a job offer is unlikely to be made without it.

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