Rich russian men dating

With more cash than you have everseen, a gas pipeline, an oil well andperhaps a bank to their name, an eligibleoligarch could be your way out - no, notout to Siberia, but to the best resorts inthe South of France, the casinos of Las Vegas or exclusive area near Moscowwhere Prada and Chopard boutiques arethe local corner shops. Better still, and unlike most Britishbillionaires, they are young!

It is notuncommon in Russia to meet a head of abank in his 30s and most big businessowners are just a decade older.

This meansa lot of tasty, home-made food inthe fridge.

It is likely that late one night,some friends of your Russian beauwill come bearing gifts, like the Magi, of extra-strong vodka.

A smart woman realises that asuccessful, rich man has manytakers - often younger, thinner,prettier - but if you can keep himsatisfied sexually, he will notchange his Mercedes for a Lada.

Other things to remember: Hismotherland spans 11 time zones -he likes scale and vast, sweepinggestures.

If you get past the first hurdleand begin dating a rich Muscovite,remember that modesty is key.

He will offer to carry your bags,open the door for you, help you onwith your coat and won't expectyou to pay in restaurants.The collapse of the Soviet Union 15years ago made it possible for the youngand ambitious to make their fortunes. So when he gets bored with Daria Zhukova, the model and socialitehe took up with after dumping his secondwife, you could be next in line.But oligarchs are fussy and to get oneyou will need to compete with a Russianwoman like me.If you want to keep your Ivan, youneed to be good in bed.Russianmen cheat and feel little remorseabout the fact.So if youhear him utter this phrase, youknow he is not talking about directionsto his favourite restaurant.Some Muscovite women are sodesperate to keep their man thatthey take lessons in the art of lovethat involve flexing their intimatemuscles into shape.We are well prepared forthe cat-and-mouse game of catch-anoligarchand we have our mothers tothank for that.They don't let us out of the house untilthey are satisfied we are well dressed, ournails are in perfect shape and we havebrushed our hair. They encourageus to wear heels (good for posture),buy feminine clothes and learn to cook amean cabbage soup.And don't forget all the usualplaces to meet men, such as nightclubsand bars, and top privatemembers' clubs, such as Annabel's(at least two Russian millionaireshave lifetime memberships) and Russian-owned Sumosan.Hang out in Mayfair, where Russianinvestment banks have offices.

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