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Over the years the Ranch company has also acted as a developer, establishing hotels and related amenities for resort tourists on their property and over the same period of time has seen protests and illegal activities by community activists such as fence cutting and poisoning of the Ranch’s exotic African Safari animals in 1994, an arson attack on a recently renovated Ranch house at Kaupoa in 1995 or the destruction of five miles of Ranch water pipes in 1996.i have resisted private developers' attempts to dramatically increase tourism.

Accommodations are limited; as of 2014, only one hotel was open on the island.

The low western half is very dry and the soil is heavily denuded due to poor land management practices, which allowed over-grazing by goats.

It lacks significant ground cover and virtually the entire section is covered in non-native kiawe (Prosopis pallida) trees.

Near the summit of Kamakou is the unique Pepepae bog, where dwarf i was first settled around AD 650 by indigenous peoples most likely from the Marquesas Islands.The government established Kalawao located on the isolated Kalaupapa peninsula on the northern side of Molokai, followed by Kalaupapa as the sites of a leper colony that operated from 1866 to 1969.Because Kalaupapa had a better climate and sea access, it developed as the main community. The population of these settlements reached a peak of 1100 shortly after the turn of the 20th century.Father Damien de Veuster, a Belgian priest of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary served as a missionary for 16 years in the communities of sufferers of leprosy.Joseph Dutton, who served in the 13th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the American Civil War, and who converted to Roman Catholicism in 1883, came to Molokai in 1886 to help Father Damien and the rest of the population who suffered from leprosy. Mother Marianne Cope of the Sisters of Saint Francis of Syracuse, New York, brought six of her Sisters to work in Hawaii.Most tourists find lodgings at rental condos and houses.National Geographic Traveler magazine and the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations conduct annual Destination Scorecard surveys, aided by George Washington University.The island can be traversed by a single lane highway running east to west (highways 450 and 460).Highway 470 is a spur up to the barrier mountains of Kalawao County and the Kalaupapa peninsula.In 2007, a panel of 522 experts in sustainable tourism and destination stewardship reviewed 111 selected human-inhabited islands and archipelagos around the world.Molokai and Lāhainā Harbor, Maui closed operations on October 27, 2016. Dave Jung attributed the closure to competition from federally subsidized commuter air travel and declining ridership.

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