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However, sources have whispered in the past that Eva is not fully comfortable with Ryan’s relationship and closeness with Emma.She’s not insecure or jealous, per say, just not “fully comfortable.” Again, it’s not impossible to comprehend – imagine you’re home and watching your kids, and your husband keeps working with the same actress over and over again, an actress who is currently single, has a reputation (however undeserved or deserved) for hitting on other people’s boyfriends, and who is at the top of her career.The film stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as lovers who follow their Hollywood dreams.The chemistry between these co-stars have people wondering if Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling dated in real life, since they have also played each others' love interests in . “I love all fruit,” Stone responded diplomatically.they make an undeniably strong partnership that translates effectively into movie magic.Even if it’s not justified, a little jealousy and insecurity isn’t irrational, is it? Is Eva Mendes jealous of Ryan Gosling’s ‘closeness’ with Emma Stone?Or is it all a bunch of hooey, and she’s perfectly comfortable with Ryan’s relationship with Emma? Don’t forget to check CDL for more Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone news and updates.

Read More: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: 8 Of Their Sweetest Couple Moments Another red-flag from The Hollywood Life is how Gosling and Stone hide their true intentions when they meet up, masking their dates using business and movie talk.But is this solid friendship turning into something more serious?According to a source from OK Magazine, Eva Mendes has had her suspicions about the Ryan Gosling Emma Stone romance people have been speculating on for months.This is all hear-say, so take it with a grain of salt; however, given how Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield began dating (ahem, the overlapping of Andrew’s relationship with Shannon Woodward), it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Emma and Ryan had, or almost had, a thing.Now, with all that being said, where does Eva Mendes fit into all of this?But is done filming – what else would they have to discuss when it comes to mutual business concerns?The OK Magazine source affirms this; “They don’t really have a professional reason to get together.”No camp has confirmed anything regarding this possible real life pairing, but if a romance does develop between the hunky Ryan Gosling and the charming Emma Stone, it will inevitably spell disastrous heartbreak for Gosling’s 5-year partner Eva Mendes and their baby girl Esmeralda.Regarding the frequency of Gosling and Stone’s meet-ups, which they sometimes hold in very remote areas to avoid being seen, could it be that Ryan Gosling is just afraid of a longer term commitment with Mendes and their daughter?The Lawyer Herald argues that Gosling is dedicating majority of his time to being a family man.Emma and Ryan have a long working relationship, having worked together previously – as love interests – in Gangster Squad and Crazy Stupid Love.In fact, sources way back then had said that Emma had been trying to get with Ryan Gosling initially, but moved on to Andrew Garfield before anything happened between them.

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