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A viral propaganda video depicting a Saudi Arabian invasion of Iran has dominated social media in the Middle East in recent days as the proxy war between the two rival nations has continued to play out across the region to devastating effect. accuses Iran of missile attack on Saudi Arabia launched from Yemen Keep up with this story and more The independent video verifying group Storyful has traced the video back to a You Tube account belonging to the Saudi Strike Force and a Twitter account of the same name.

The animated video, titled “Saudi Strike Force,” has been viewed nearly a million times on You Tube and imagines Saudi Arabia’s one-sided takeover of Iran following an unprovoked attack on a humanitarian vessel. The nationalistic social media account has regularly reposted videos from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defense, though it does not have any official affiliation.

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Among them was a three-year-old boy, who died on Wednesday after having been shot in his family’s car by an armoured vehicle in Awamiya in June.

The ministry representative said the old quarter had been empty except for “terrorists” for the past six months, but the security forces had to wait until families left adjacent areas before they could begin their final push.

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A mass shooting at a small Texas church leaves 26 people dead; President Trump kicks off a tour of Asia; Saudi Arabia starts purging crown princes and businessmen as part of an "anti-corruption" campaign.

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