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It’s like having a Seventeen Stylist in your pocket!

Anthony Weiner isn’t the only one in hot water about online relationships.

And most of their friends don’t even bring it up,” Stanley adds.

“In [one teen’s story], her friends ask her about getting her period — that’s how far the fact that their friend is transgender is from their minds.

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No matter what your style or budget, the editors of Seventeen Magazine can help pick out an entire outfit just for you. President Obama kicked things off in January by becoming the first president to use the word "transgender" in a State of the Union Address. The incredible Laverne Cox was seemingly everywhere.But as the editors of magazine noticed, while successful trans adults were all over the news, trans teens weren’t always part of the coverage — and when they were, they were often portrayed as hopeless and unhappy.“Also, if seen as a nerd at school, it feels like you are starting fresh and can be anyone you want to be.It's allows the teen to expand their own limiting self view.” Reps for the Seventeen Magazine and did not respond to a request for comment.They’re teenagers first.”Click ahead to meet three teens from the story. Get the latest scoop on style, friends, guys, college, careers, the stars and love!“Although many teens meet online through social media platforms, it is a bit ill advised for Seventeen Magazine to encourage kids to meet and hook up with strangers via the Internet,” said pop culture expert Jenn Hoffman.“Most teens simply don't have the decision making skills to avoid potentially dangerous scenarios in online dating.And now you can get your favorite magazine on the go!The Seventeen Shopping Insider lets you unlock exclusive deals and discounts at all the stores you love.

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