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She has encouraged Dear Harriet emails that are answered personally. I guess most of us get up in the morning and think it would be good if we could make a difference, and in a company like Thomas Cook that has been poorly you can see that difference being made daily."A holiday – other than to check out destinations to which her company sends people – seems a long way off.In order to still have to time to unroll her yoga mat, Ms Green is getting up unspeakably early, though she insists that is nothing new."I've never been a big sleeper. My day Harriet Green used to commute into London from the family home in Oxford but has found herself staying over in London or Frankfurt more often since she began Thomas Cook's turnaround."Wherever I am, I train," she said. All that keeps me going is thinking about my boiled egg or egg white omelette for breakfast."Then I work, work, work and work.After setting up its European network, she travelled to Africa, Asia and America.When the opportunity arose to run Premier Farnell, a distributor of just-in-time components such as microchips and batteries based in Leeds and London, it felt like coming home."When their chairman Sir Peter Gershon hired me I had been out of the country for eight or nine years and I think that strengthened my chief executive credentials," she said.If they say no, I'm busy, then that tells me a lot.If they say yes to 10 minutes, then I'll talk really fast."Motivating staff takes many forms.

They have been very successful, and recently spun off from Expedia.

Now Ms Green is leading the march for new products beyond the company's sun, sea and sangria core.

That means city breaks and winter sun and catering better for discrete categories of holidaymaker, such as Nordic divorcees.

"You need to drive a sense of belief back into the organisation, into the people, suppliers and customers who have been hugely loyal anyway."We meet in the group's new head office in London, close to the Barbican, which has lots of open-planned space and Perspex pods.

It could almost be a start-up, except the rent is probably more than most internet ingénues would want to pay.

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  1. She’s a woman, not a child, after all - even if she is your daughter’s age. “When I was your age...” “Young people are so ____.” “Oh you weren't even BORN when this album was released.” “You were still a toddler in 1989?