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The actor claimed to police that the car had been stolen from his garage when he left the keys in the ignition after returning home late.

The incident came little more than a month after Brooke Mueller, by whom he has 19-month old twin sons Max and Bob, claimed he threatened to kill her and brandished a knife during a festive row when she asked for a divorce.

Radar alleges that Sheen and his date went to the toilet together during their meal, where he wanted to have sex.

After he took his trousers off, Capri asked for ,000.

Another fun tidbit: In case you were wondering how popular anal sex really is, 43% of men had been on the giving end and 37% of women had been on the receiving end.

And while threesomes may be a notoriously common fantasy, only 10% of women and 18% of men had participated in one.

Working under the stage name of Capri Nubiles, she has appeared in such cinematic opuses as Big Bust Cougars and Damn, She’s A Lesbian.

Suffice to say, the pneumatic Miss Walsh will not, one suspects, be in line to take over the role made famous by Julie Andrews any time soon.

Pictures from the debauched Manhattan dinner Charlie Sheen shared with friends, ex-wife Denise Richards and Sheen's paid escort show the sitcom star appearing so wasted he can barely keep himself upright.

Meanwhile, his worried manager Mark Burg, who is also an executive producer of Two And A Half Men, is said to be attempting to placate the television network by agreeing that Sheen — who has twice been in rehab this year alone — will now check into a treatment centre again in a public show of contrition. Sheen’s out-of control behaviour has already cost him a lucrative contract with U. underwear firm Hanes, who have dumped him from a high-profile ad campaign.‘The question about whether CBS fire him will come once they have fully been able to gauge the reaction to his latest scandal.

I do know that the network is already talking to advertisers and sponsors concerned about how the public reacts to what he’s done.‘CBS is a very traditional broadcaster and this has gone down very badly with them.

Senior figures in Hollywood, that I have been talking to since his wife-beating arrest last year, have been warning for months that Sheen is in meltdown.

But they say that such is his success in the ratings that a blind eye has been turned to his debauchery and rumours that his drug taking has reached epic proportions over recent months.

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