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This stream of consciousness that you are reading right now is not well-organized or well-researched, but it is honest and raw and heart-felt.I have forced myself to feel, and I have survived another day.We Americans don’t really wear black except to the funeral or memorial service, and most of us have such busy lives, we don’t think we are able to withdraw from society for too long.Or, maybe, we try to hop back into our normal routines because we don’t want others to think we are weak or or incapable of functioning. Maybe the concept of wearing black and withdrawing from society isn’t too bad after all.Besides, my dogs are going to want supper pretty soon.Why mention the social mores from the past regarding mourning?Palimpsest, a company based in Falkirk that produces e-books for JK Rowling, Stephen King and more than half the current Booker shortlist, is to launch a series of literary classics.

Dubbed the 10,000 mile wedding cake, because the ingredients were donated by the Australian Girl Guides and the rum and brandy came from South Africa, the cake featured four tiers and was nine-foot tall.

Instead of offering a limited set of our own reports for your information and reading pleasure, we’re presenting a larger number of news lead-ins sourced from all around the globe.

There’ll be links to those e-book related developments, events and opinions we believe you’ll find significant and interesting, gathered up as we roam the Web on your behalf.

They’ll be selected from quality items on a planet-wide range of reputable websites available in English.

This way, we’ll be able to keep you up to date with many more developments in the world of digital books and e-reading, on a truly global basis. Ulmart, Russia’s largest online store, started offering subscriptions today for Bookmate with unlimited access to electronic books for 150 rubles () a month.

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  1. Justin Lehmiller, a social psychologist in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University in his blog, the Psychology of Human Sexuality.