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[Current stats about teen dating violence] It's rarely discussed but it's happening everywhere.In cities and in small towns, violence and abuse crosses all age, race and economic boundaries. Loveisrespect Text for Help Services, sponsored by Mary Kay Inc.A new initiative introduced by El Paso County officials aimed at reducing domestic violence. They seem like a normal newly wed couple on the outside, but when they are alone, the cycle of abuse is revealed.Please check our schedule and station list for airtimes. When working with teens we can use films to help raise awareness, share information, and start conversations.Dating Violence: Twisted Love It may shock you to know that 3 out of every 10 teens have experienced violence in their dating relationships.

[Cast your vote on the issue] Two young survivors of abuse, Kelly and Aisha, talk about their relationships with their boyfriends and how the abuse started one physical, the other emotional.[Get and give advice] Kelly and Aisha describe how they sank deeper into their relationships, adjusting to the abuse and beginning to accept it as normal.A perpetual cycle of abuse, distress and reconciliation becomes the status quo of their relationships, a pattern they both become dependent upon..eventually addicted to.The video offers several ways to successfully break the cycle of domestic violence by recognizing the behavior for where it leads, ending the relationships, having an escape plan and changing the predictable outcomes.Great DVD to watch with with your teenagers, especially those who are dating.Many young women mistakenly believe that getting the “bad boy” to love them makes them more special than all of the other girls.When this fails, desperate victims often fight back out of a sense of survival—if they survive.After picking up her son from school, Maria pleads with him not to mimic the abusive behavior he sees at home.Fearing her son may fall victim to the cycle of abuse, Maria executes her safety plan in order to leave her abusive husband for good.The story is hosted by a veteran team leader of a district attorney’s family crimes division and authenticated by current and former inmates.All provide introspection and a candid, and sometimes disturbing look at harm that runs much deeper than visible physical scars.

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