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Both parties denied the relationship, but the tabloids talk about it like it's a fact. So one story I heard was that a crazy Hello Project fan once threw water (other sources said it was hydrochloric acid) at Yamapi, because of...jealousy I guess.

The ‘relationship’ was never confirmed though, and was most likely just two friends hanging out.In Mid October Tomohisa Yamashita was spotted quietly boarding the final train on the Shinkasen subway line from Shinagawa Station, he was attending a Kinki Kids concert in Osaka earlier in the day. The two starred together in the 2015 hit Fuji Television drama series “5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan”. It’s rumored that the two originally started causing attention after Yamapi attended a party held at Satomi’s place back in May.She's a singer but is more notably known as a model ever since she was 12.In a turn of events, Abiru herself was the one who had previously introduced them to each other.After appearing together in the drama Buzzer Beat, Yamashita and Kitagawa Keiko's onscreen romance blossomed in real life.It all began with a purikura that became viral that way back in 2006.Other sources said they met through other common friends, all the same the two became close.[3] According to BUBKA, they spoke to a staffer who has proof, a photo, that the two have been living together [4].Hell, they even have their own namesquish, "Serapi" how cute is that?Despite falling in love with him in Buzzer Beat, I have not truly delved into his celebrity life, I'm not a huge fan. Maki Goto is known to have gone out with some Johnny's Jrs during their early years.But much to my surprise, his love stories are easy to find. How she managed it despite being an idol herself is beyond me.

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