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The girls don’t like to tell people what they have been through.

Those who sold and supervised them refuse to talk about what they do.

UW: What difficulties did you face while investigating the people involved in this underground business, including pimps and victims of coerced prostitution?

How much of a challenge was it to get the information you wanted?

Drugs, weapons, people – you can buy and sell it all. The victims of coerced prostitution are often psychologically crushed when they realize they will have to work as prostitutes, not as cleaning ladies, waitresses or plant employees as they were promised.

Sometimes I thought it was next to impossible to get the information I needed for my investigation.

Initially, I had to act without having any idea about how difficult it would be to find the victims of human trafficking and sex exploitation.

, a documentary by Bulgarian-born American journalist Mimi Chakarova, is based on a decade-long investigation of human trafficking and forced prostitution in Eastern Europe.

Prolonged exhaustive efforts, including the undercover infiltration of human trafficking and illegal sex industries resulted in this shocking film.

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