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We provide suggestions for avoiding these continuing problems, but are unable to identify an Excel 2007 workaround solution for the forced-intercept polynomial trend line errors.Preparing & tracking a project plan using Gantt Charts Team To Do Lists – Project Tracking Tools Part 3: Project Status Reporting – Create a Timeline to display milestones Time sheets and Resource management Issue Trackers & Risk Management Project Status Reporting – Dashboard Bonus Post: Using Burn Down Charts to Understand Project Progress There are 2 key elements in all the successful projects I have been part of.Color code the data series to make it clearer which data series are associated.In practice, it is not necessary to create a chart using the compact data and adjust it after every modification to the data. We’ll do this by adding a “dummy” series to the secondary axis, and the secondary axis will have the category labels we want.We want to have clusters for each commodity, with stacked actual values next to stacked budget values within each cluster. The protocol involves inserting blank rows and cells into the data range of a stacked column or bar chart, and values only appear in some of the places in the chart.

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Excel will “fit” nonsense trend lines to data presented on column and line charts, and can report an inadequate number of significant digits for polynomial trend lines.

Also the value (horizontal) axis has to cross at the maximum category, which is at the bottom now, since the order of categories was reversed. Click in the Chart Data Range box, and select this whole data range. Let’s insert a row at the beginning and end so there’s a space outside of the first and last cluster.

Again, we have to explicitly tell the chart about the updated data range. Reduce the gap between columns/bars to give the chart a clustered appearance: select one series of columns, press Ctrl 1 (numeral one) to open the formatting dialog, and in the first screen you see (“Series Options”) change the entry for Gap Width to zero.

I’ll leave the original data alone (always a good practice) and create a staging data region which is linked to the original data.

The easiest way to do this is to copy the original data, then use Paste Special Link to start building the staging area.

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