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Then it sets the sip to force everything to that value.When you want to detach from this behavior, you are probably on a venture to do some kind of multi-home setup.So now you will have a domain in your config that is your IP addr, and the internal profile will attach to it and add an alias so that value expands to match it.This is explained in a comment at the top of directory/default.xml: Free SWITCH works off the concept of users and domains just like email.

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A "User Agent" ("UA") is an application used for running a certain network protocol, and a Sofia UA is the same thing but the protocol in that case is SIP.When Free SWITCH starts, it reads the conf/autoload_configs/xml file.That file contains a "X-PRE-PROCESS" directive which instructs Free SWITCH to subsequently load and merge any conf/sip_profiles/*files.Sofia is the general name of any User Agent in Free SWITCH using the SIP network protocol.For example, Sofia receives calls sent to Free SWITCH from other SIP User Agents (UAs), sends calls to other UAs, acts as a client to register Free SWITCH with other UAs, lets clients register with Free SWITCH, and connects calls (i.e., to local extensions).But if I dial a SIP address that's inside the firewall, the dialplan selects the "local" UA.To understand how to write dialplans, use pattern matching, etc., see Dialplan The following content was written in a mailing list thread by Anthony Minessale in response to questions about how SIP profiles relate to domain names in Free SWITCH.Dialplans use pattern matching and other tricks to determine how to handle a call.My dialplan examines what I've dialed and then determines what profile to use with that call.You will register your phones to the IP and not the hostname by default.If you wish to register using the domain please open in the root conf directory and set the default domain to the hostname you desire.

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