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For Vista systems, we also disable the following Visual Effects: We run all tests with the laptop disconnected from any network and with wireless networking and Bluetooth (if any) disabled.Unless the particular test being run requires security software to be present, we deactivate all security applications while the tests are running.This scenario can be a fairly battery-intensive task and a popular laptop activity.We first set the brightness of each laptop screen to 60 to 70 nits (or 60cd/m² to 70cd/m²), using a Konica Minolta LS-100 luminance meterto calibrate laptop brightness.CNET Labs' tests are designed to gauge a laptop's expected battery life as well as application and gaming performance using many of the same applications you might use on a regular basis, such as Windows Media Player or DVD Player (on the Mac), Apple i Tunes, and Adobe Photoshop.Our test results, performance charts, and analysis compare a laptop's performance with that of other systems in its class.Battery life and application performance are two of the more important performance-based attributes of a laptop computer, and they can significantly influence each other.While most laptops modulate processor speed and other resource-intensive components such as screen brightness to save energy, models with more powerful processors or larger displays typically sacrifice battery life for raw power.

There are numerous variables that can impact battery life, such as CPU utilization and screen brightness.What is most important is that the same criteria be used to measure battery life on all laptops that are being compared to one another.Our laptop battery performance test is designed to measure the expected battery life of a laptop playing back a full-screen Div X-converted movie.Following the initial run on Windows systems, we defragment the system's hard drive using Diskeeper 2007 and force Windows to run its Process Idle Tasks routine so that the system is fully optimized for the applications used by the tests.We report the average of the three scores that are within /-5 percent of each other.If a laptop supports autodim, we disable the feature in order to ensure that the laptop remains at the same brightness level thought testing.We enable adaptive CPU, throttling those laptops that include this feature as user configurable.The adjustments we make also allow us to compare the performance of different laptops on as even a playing field as possible.Before installing our tests, we uninstall any preinstalled programs that will be used by our benchmarks, ensuring that we always test with the correct version of our test applications.Test environment When a laptop arrives at CNET Labs for testing, we try to make as few changes as possible to its operating system and software configuration.There are a number of basic changes we must make, however, in order to ensure that certain system settings won't adversely impact a system's performance.

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