Updating old bathroom mirrors

That’s because you have more wiggle room at the top of the mirror than you do at the bottom. We wanted to show you how we framed our large bathroom mirror.The munchkins are so fascinated with playing in the water. Kitty did get a little scared seeing herself in the mirror and decided to run and hide behind it.With the mirror on the floor, kitty and Etta had a little fun. We have noticed lately that Etta really loves the mirror.

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You can DIY your own with lightweight molding and corner blocks. The mirrors are finished and ready to share so get settled in for LOTS of pics.If you have another kind of holder on your mirror, you’ll probably have to take it off.It’s really not a problem to put some adhesive behind your mirror to hold it up. You will want to paint both front and back and ends of the molding pieces.My miter box comes in handy for cutting molding like this and I plan to put it to use in the dining room too. OK, several of you asked about the clips on your mirror. Take out the screws which are holding the mirror in place and see if there is extra mastic or adhesive on the back of the mirror that will still hold it up if you take these clips off.I found that one of mine was stuck with some adhesive on the back and one was not. I simply took off both clips on the one mirror, leaned the mirror towards me and shot Liquid Nails all down the back of the mirror, pushed it in place and put the clips back up so it could all dry for at least 24 hours. You may have a slotted little clip at the bottom of your mirror.It’s all in the decorative wood section, as well as those corner rosettes.I used black for one bathroom and my trusty Ralph Lauren Turret Stair in the other since I have already painted my vanity in the dark chocolate brown color.It dries in about 5 seconds and YOU WILL NOT be able to get that piece back off. This bathroom is right next to the new blue guestroom. I’m actually going to take a small brush and go over that mirror edge with my black paint & it will disappear. I went back to Stray Cats on Friday and they had the cutest beadboard hook board just the perfect size for my bathroom, so I picked this one up for . Not exactly what I would have picked out at the store, but it was sure better than the Hollywood light that was up there before. And I’ve got lots of leopard print in this bathroom. My mom made my black floral shower curtain topper and window treatment several years ago and they still work, so I haven’t changed them out. This was white laminate and I primed and painted it with 2 coats of Turret Stair. Hope you can follow all these directions and using the hot glue gun is really fast and easy, you just have to be a little careful with slapping those things into place too fast. I used 2 fluted molding pieces at each and 4 each rosettes at about each, so that’s about total plus tax.I learned that the hard way too, after I put in that bottom piece and didn’t have it set exactly right. Wall color in here is Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray. I’ll change that out again one day to something a little less tropical, but I’ve enjoyed it for a couple of years now. Small iron bakers rack in the tub space with hubby’s reading material. Look how purdy it looks now with the matching mirror. Great cost for a low-budget makeover and not having to take down those huge mirrors. I'm Rhoda, from Atlanta, GA and I love decorating and DIY projects.We find her in front of them occasionally, just watching herself make faces and giggling.Cassity decided that she wanted the mirror to hang above the vanity.

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