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Or what about booking a product that is in another store to pick it up at the nearest store?With a good data programming plan, the possibilities of the RFID system are enormous and customers will enjoy an excellent service that leads to a loyal relationship with the company.I’m talking about making the experience of shopping with your brand as stress free as possible. (Hell, I used to spend 30 seconds looking for items and 2 minutes checking my phone) Using simple tracking technologies, the robot can track each item around the store, creating a brilliant user experience as well as improving operational inefficiencies – stock loss/theft and staff time.Customer experience design will be like designing the UX of a mobile application. The opportunity cost of having satisfied customers and traceable stock items as GPS tracking devices decrease in price, will be invaluable to the future of a seamless consumer experience.In addition, they can ensure that they will never be short of these important products.When customers do not find the products they are looking for, they quickly come to the competition and are more likely not to return.Each customer with a loyalty card has a private profile where store clerks or customer service agents can find sizes, colours, prices, quantities, etc., that they particularly buy.Because the RFID system provides an extensive and detailed information about the items that customers buy, everything depends on the data stored in each RFID tag.

It also gives us valuable information about buyers.

This way, the offers, promotions and suggestions that a customer receives can be adapted to their preferences.

Another factor of customer satisfaction is the waiting time on the check-out line.

They watched their in-store sales fall dramatically as they struggled to quickly find the right online strategy.

Retailers had become too comfortable with current standards of service.

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