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I'm not sure what happens if you release a build without that hack, but my assumption is that is doesn't create any problems anyway. I just upgrade to VS 2017 and always when I send a remotebuild request from VS2017 it always fail with the message "The operation has timed out" BUT... We're publishing today with or without them so we can get this fix out.

Newer devices should in theory be able to run older code, only Xcode 8.2 that is missing a way to communicate with i OS 10.3. @rvfede There's another issue thread tracking timeouts, but I think that's VS2015 that's timing out in that thread.

I can't repro 2017 timing out (my fix for this issue was tested in 2017).

If you can give more details (logs, etc), feel free to add it to the existing issue. Now I am getting this error when building from Visual Studio: "Error: Remote build error from the build server Build failed with error - 1" Can successfully run using xcode.

For those who prefer to use IPSW firmware files to update a device, you can download the relevant i OS 10.0.3 While i OS 10.0.3 is only available for i Phone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus devices, a broader software update versioned as i OS 10.1 will likely be released in the coming weeks.

Currently in beta development stages, the i OS 10.1 update includes the Portrait mode feature for i Phone 7 Plus users, alongside some minor feature adjustments and a variety of other bug fixes to i OS 10 as well.

If you see an error message while trying to update your device wirelessly, learn what to do.

Though the build number isn't different between Apple's GM betas and the final version of i OS 11, some users are having trouble installing the final version of watch OS 4 with a beta version of i OS 11.

Do you think if we downgrade the XCode we will be able to keep going for a while? @rvfede I dont' have any news, seems that they are working on it and a fix is soon to be released. If you downgrade to XCode 8.2, you are able to build and run apps from Visual Studio. If you move/copy the 10.3 "supported deviced" folder from an unpacked version of XCode 8.3, you are good to go.

I was able to build apps using this method, but there are major problems running them from Visual Studio.

Probably because xcrun doesn't really support i OS 10.3.

If you click "run" in Visual Studio, your app will get deployed, but doesn't start and Visual Studio doesn't ever complete the build process.

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