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She takes her time, rolling out her objectives one at a time, so as not to burn out her agenda too soon.She has a great natural set of tits, but she doesn't let them be her one defining quality, making great use of her lips and eyes, puckering and gazing straight into our own eyes.After discovering, and removing, the small bit of lint that was cloggin' that pee-hole, her clam starts squirting like a god damn golden geyser!This gets his nursing assistance as wet as a log flume ride to tuna town, and the lucky doctor shows a bedside manner that will either get him sued, or put into the penetrative intercourse hall of fame!We get to see the naughty side early on as she is laying supinely on her shoulders while she pisses.

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Starring: Margarita, Pepper Update: Video duration: 27 minutes Tags: Pissing in action, Blowjobs, Cumshot, Lesbians, Fully clothed, Wet clothes, High heels, Brunette, Blonde, Hardcore, Pornstars, Stockings, Threesome mff, Threeway Margarita and Pepper catch their mechanic sprawled out drunk in the frame of Margarita's new VW, the "frame" part being a second problem, as this guy was supposed to only change the wiper fluid, not dismantle the whole vehicle!As soon as the piss is flowing, the whole scene turns into one big pile of horny wet fully clothes pissing action. The two are getting the hang of it and before they know it this hardcore golden shower, spitting and fucking activity is reaching his highpoint.Barra Brass is one dirty slut because she won’t stop before she's collecting every single drop of cum.She pisses from a sitting position on the table, spreading her legs open, aiming for her now defunct clothing.Later, with one leg riding on the table and the other on the floor, she pees beautifully straight down to the floor.To taunt this dude, Marg has Pepper spray her down in piss, knowing that it would drive this guy insane with desire, but it's not long before Margarita and Pepper need some of that man musk, and start working his pink dipstick with their mouths and cunts between showering each other off in snapper fluid!540p Video - H264 720x540 29.97fps 6500 kbps Audio - AAC 48000Hz stereo 256 kbp Download file - 505.9 MB Barra Brass pissing all over the place Starring: Barra Brass Update: Video duration: 26 minutes Tags: Pissing in action, Blowjobs, Facial, Piss fetish, Wet clothes, Pussy licking, High heels, Pee fetish, Pussy eating, Blonde, Hardcore, Pornstar, Stockings Barra Brass and her boyfriend are playing a game of strip poker and who is winning this game? When this guy is butt naked she's still not satisfied, so she lets this muscular hunk peeing in her mouth.Download file - 465.2 MB The Penetrative Intercourse Hall of Fame Starring: Nicol, Roxyn Update: Video duration: 29 minutes Tags: Golden shower, Blowjobs, Fully clothed sex, Cumshot, Facial, Lesbians, Piss fetish, Wet clothes, Pee fetish, Brunette, Blonde, Hardcore, Pornstars, Stockings, Threesome mff Doctor, Doctor, Give me the News, I got a bad case, of peeing on you!Doctor Patrick gets off hardcore after examining a female patient with a clogged urethra.It's a fabulous set with beautiful clothes, which are soaked time and time again, by both cock and cunt.Now that's some hardcore pissing in Download file - 531.0 MB Sweet Cat's piss is delicious Starring: Sweet Cat Update: Video duration: 25 minutes Tags: Piss, Pissing in action, Blowjob, Fully clothed sex, Pee, Facial, Piss fetish, Fully clothed, Wet clothes, Pussy licking, High heels, Pee fetish, Pussy eating, Blonde, Pornstar, Stockings, Face fucking Blonde bombshell Sweet Cat just got deceived by her boyfriend, to drink his piss, but after tasting his sweet urine she only wants more.

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