Why dating younger men is better Free bi chat cam

When you’re a successful woman who gravitates toward younger men, it may be because you find in them, a non-defensive willingness to absorb what you can provide.How to be the approachable older woman You may struggle with balancing your work identity and your single woman savvy self.I also had a lot of friends who couldn't believe how dumb I was — didn't I remember how difficult it was to get a guy to commit at age 24? Of course, I didn't "go through that again," and five years into our relationship, no one really gives a sh*t about how old either of us are.But the experience has made me think about how women are discouraged from dating younger men — especially women in their twenties.Many women who have reached an above-average level of success in their careers grew up in a time when there weren’t that many women in positions of great leadership or authority.

For many men, a woman in a position of power is a normal, familiar circumstance can help younger men be eager, open, willing and appreciative of the wisdom, the guidance and decisive nature that mature, successful women can offer.

But mix it up – you don’t always have to be in control in this arena, and he may relish the chance to show off his skills in satisfying you, but sometimes you can take the lead and blow his mind.

In time, one would hope things progress to a point where you forget you have any years on him at all, and he is merely your boyfriend, lover and partner.

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